How matched
betting works

In a nutshell

Sign up to a sportsbook, which is offering a free bet, when you first place your own bet.
We’ve found them all for you, in our Members Area.
Place a qualifying bet on that sportsbook.
Don’t worry, this money won’t actually be at risk.
On a second sportsbook, place another bet on the opposing event.
Our DutchMatcher software will tell you exactly how much to bet so as to perfectly hedge your bet.
Both bets settle, and we’ll have made a small qualifying loss at this stage.
But that’s ok, because now...
We have our Free Bet. Then we repeat the same process with the Free Bet, to lock in a guaranteed profit.
Easy as that. Rinse and repeat.


More of a visual learner? Watch the video instead…

Matched Betting is best learned through example, so let’s run through a simple one. Let’s say BetMGM are offering new customers a $100 Free Bet, when they first place their own bet of $100.

Step 1: Place the Qualifying Bet

Let’s say the Yankees are playing the Red Sox.

One of two outcomes can happen in this game. Either the Yankees will win, or the Red Sox will win. We’re going to be betting on both sides, so it won’t actually matter who wins.

We’re firstly going to place our $100 Qualifying Bet on BetMGM. Let’s put that on the Yankees.

Then, we go onto another FanDuel, and place our Hedge Bet, on the opposing event. That would be the Red Sox.


We've covered both outcomes, so our money is safe!

After the game finishes, we won’t have made any money, but we won’t have lost any money either, because we hedged our bet.

Our software calculates the stakes for you in order to perfectly hedge.


Step 2: Place the Free Bet

We’re going to repeat the same process as before, but this time, we’re going to lock in a profit.

Let’s now say the Jets are playing the Eagles.

Set the calculator to Free Bet mode for this one…


On BetMGM, we place our $100 Free Bet on the Jets to win.

On FanDuel, we place our $225 Hedge Bet on the Eagles to win.


It doesn’t matter what happens, we’ve locked in a profit from the Free Bet.

The software has calculated the stakes so that whatever happens, the profit is the same.

We made a profit of $75 from our $100 Free Bet.

Now here’s the best part…

That’s only the beginning. On the EdgeHunters members area, you’ll see how you can rinse and repeat this for all the sportsbooks.

On our free trial, you can lock in your first risk-free profits today.

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